TOPELEK 60/100W Dual Power (Review)

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Perhaps the best feature of the TopElek Dual Power Full-Size hot glue gun is that it can easily switch between 60 and 110 watt operation with the flip of a switch. This effectively combines the performance of a lower temperature glue gun and a fast-flowing high-temperature glue gun into one device.

Performance Issues

This glue gun does not have any kind of auto shut-off or other safety features.

Would I recommend it?

This hot glue gun is not as fancy as some of the other hot glue guns. It does get the job done, though. The price point is almost the same between the least-expensive version of the Surebonder and the budget pick, the MackOffice Mini. If you know you’ll need to switch between 60-watt and 100-watt operation, this could be a good choice. Otherwise, the upgraded Surebonder hot glue gun or the MackOffice Mini would be a better buy.


  • Comes in two colors, yellow and black
  • Features a switch that lets you go from 60- to 100-watt operation
  • Indicator light turns on when in 100-watt mode
  • Reviews say it is reliable
  • Heats up in 3 to 5 minutes
  • Has a folding metal kickstand
  • Comes with free glue sticks
  • The price is very affordable


  • Does not have safety features
  • Equal in price to models with better design
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