How to Wire Wrap a Crystal

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Semi-precious stones can be beautiful and soothing crafting material. Many believe that these stones may have healing or religious properties, but regardless of what you believe about them, they can make for beautiful jewelry or decor items. They can make amazing personalized gifts as well.

Before you start working on a craft, you should consider the crystal shape you want. You may prefer tumbled stones with rounded corners or you may want to use stones with more natural shapes. Some crystals have beautiful and distinctive points that can make for lovely pendants. Quartz crystals are well-liked for their distinctive shapes and variety of colors.

Once you have chosen the perfect stone, you need to decide what to do with it. Perhaps you would like to make a pendant for a necklace or make a decor item to hang in a window.

There are a variety of materials that can be well suited to wrapping gemstones. Thin wires and thin hemp rope are two of the most popular. They can be purchased at most craft stores and on a variety of websites as well.

If a stone has a hole in it, created either naturally or through careful drilling, then the rope or wire can simply be passed through the hole to fasten it to the stone. The majority of stones do not have such a feature though, and wrapping can be more complicated.

Start with two pieces of wire or rope. They should be at least two feet long each. Cross the pieces and place the stone on the cross. Then bring the strings or wires around the stone. Fasten together the pieces using macrame knots for the rope or twists for the wire. Repeat the process in several different directions until the stone is fully secured. You can then use the wire or rope to create a loop that can be used to attach the pendant to a necklace or a hook.

You now have a beautifully wrapped crystal to enjoy or give as a gift. Some people even find success in selling these lovely pendants. This is a fun and affordable way to make one of a kind decorations and pieces of jewelry.

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