Brother SDX125 Electronic Cutting Machine (Review)

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A craft cutter is a useful tool for getting modeling tasks done. Such tasks include paint masks and scenery work. Having one of these machines is a staple in getting your projects done well. While most craft cutters do their job well, they’re not adept at cutting thick materials such as wood and styrene. The Brother ScanNCut DX SDX125E is for these more heavy-duty needs. Electronic cutting machines are used for the cutting of detailed patterns that would be difficult to do by hand. The difficulty could be from the complexity of the pattern, the need to make straight cuts, or the requirement to keep the pattern consistent. This device, which hails from the ScanNCut family, combines the functionality of a scanner with the capability of a craft cutter.

Who Should Buy the Brother SDX125E?

The Brother SDX125E is intended for those who have the need for a home and hobby craft cutting machine with precision features. It’s also for those who don’t want to have to purchase or interact with custom software to have their designs edited.

Brother SDX125E Offers Blade Sensor Technology to Promote Precision and Efficient Craft Cutting

The Brother SDX125E is built with Blade Sensor Technology that uses the Auto Blade feature. This is where the ability to perform perfect cuts on thicker material types comes into play. Before executing the cut, Auto Blade is responsible for detecting and registering the thickness of the material, which determines how the cut is performed. In this regard, there is no need for you to adjust the blade depth, nor do you need to select your material type prior to the cut’s completion. The blade cuts up to 3mm (0.1”) in thickness.

Low Noise Level

Another amazing feature of the SDX125E is the noise level it maintains throughout its operation. To reduce the amount of noise that was made in previous models, Brother redesigned the entire mechanism to allow for use during either day and night, whether you’re in a small business or a home.

Main Features of the Brother SDX125E

  • Auto Blade based on Blade Sensor Technology
  • Ability to cut up to 3mm (0.1”) in thickness
  • Design, scan, and cut with a single device
  • Whisper Quiet noise level regulation design
  • Free projects online, as well as built-in patterns for use
  • Easy-to-use five-inch LCD color display
  • Built-in storage


The biggest plus side of the Brother SDX125E is the fact that it blends the functionality of a craft cutter and a scanner into a single device. This can yield some cost-saving as the purchase other most craft cutters don’t include a scanner. Being able to cut thicker materials doesn’t hurt either as your creative freedom becomes less limited. On that note, you also don’t have to adjust for your material of choice as the device automatically does so on your behalf. The built-in storage and access to all the pre-built and existing online projects are great to help you get your creative juices flowing as you prepare your desired designs.


Most users are very happy with the machine; however, there are a few who have expressed displeasure for a few reasons. The first is the manual. The device has no prepackaged manual, so you must browse online to find one. The second is tiny details that can make the machine inoperable. For example, should you install the blade after the machine is started, it doesn’t operate well. Finally, finding mats for the cutter seems to be an issue, and there’s little point in owning one if this problem exists.


The Brother SDX125E is a great device for those who need a bit more heavy-duty craft cutting done. If you want to do your design, scanning, and cutting in one place, it is highly recommended. Note, however, that you do need to have a read through the manual, which must be downloaded online, as operating it isn’t intuitive at first.

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