5 Best Brushes for Painting Miniatures in 2023

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When painting miniatures, you need brushes that hold more paint in the belly and still have a fine tip. Features of best brushes for painting miniatures include: point; paint capacity; bristle snap – determines how easily and fast bristles return to their initial shape; bristle spring – should be high and stiff to prevent bending and splaying out with ease; paint flow – the paint flow and release characters of the best brush should be predictable.

Our Top Picks

Expensive brushes do not turn you into a good painter or make painting easy. Quality tools become vital as you progress in drawing. Therefore, it is pointless to struggle for them at the start. There are two kinds of brushes, natural bristles, and synthetic material bristles. The advantages of natural hairs are high water retainment and paint well. They are durable and better. Synthetic hairs are less prone to damage paint, and they are less expensive and easier to clean than natural hair.

What are the best brushes for painting miniatures?

If you are just interested in a list of the top 5 best miniature paintbrushes without any nonsense. See below, but we recommend that you read the summary of all the brushes or at least those that interest you to see if they are for you the best fit.

1. D’Artisan Shoppe – Editor’s Choice

D'Artisan Shoppe


  • The brushes have a fine round point to maintain a specific shape for painting details
  • The brushes have a durable double crimp, which prevents frustration from splitting hairs
  • It is easy to clean
  • It has good packaging in a compact organizer
  • Fine round point

They have ergonomic triangle-shaped handles, making them comfortable to paint with for long hours without causing too much fatigue to your hand. It is also light-weighted to keep you in control and prevent your hands from aching.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It lasts long
  • Reduces fatigue and prevents your arms from aching
  • There is a plastic kit that comes with the brush to organize
  • They are available at a low price


  • Synthetic bristles

2. DACO – Best Brush Set



  • The mini painting brushes have premium quality painting supplies.
  • The art brushes are sturdy with wooden ergonomic handles and synthetic haired bristles
  • There is no shedding or splitting of bristles; they are firm and have a unique design
  • They have rust-free copper ferrules
  • An all-purpose paint brush set
  • They are versatile
  • They are neat and durable

The paint type is acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and oil. The size is 14+1 pcs. The brushes are black, and the material is aluminum, wood, copper, plastic, and synthetic.


  • Neatness and durability
  • They are comfortable and of high quality
  • Firmly attached ferrules
  • They are comfortable to grip in that they do not slip
  • They cause little fatigue
  • They have a velvet bag for storage


  • Sometimes the bristles may separate

3. DOODLE HOG – Best Brushes for Warhammer



  • The handles of the brushes are color-coded
  • Anti-shedding bristles

You can use them with watercolor, oil paint, and acrylic. It is fifteen pieces of miniature paint brush set. They are easy to use, and they are affordable. The micro detail paintbrushes are a perfect choice for painting miniatures.


  • They have bristles that reduce the stress and frustration of painting
  • They are affordable and come in many models and sizes
  • They are easy to use
  • The brushes are suitable for both beginners and are also accessible to everyone.
  • Bristles do not separate and shed

4. AIT Products – Premium Detail Brush Set

AIT Products


  • They are in five different sizes
  • They are handmade in the USA with quality materials such as nickel-plated ferrules, and they are rust-proof. The bristles are also non-shedding
  • The bristles are durable
  • They have guaranteed satisfaction
  • Its cleaning steps are easy
  • They have wood handles that offer comfort. It is comfortable to hold

Round detail brush set, you can use it with acrylic, oil, and watercolor. The brush has an excellent holding capacity for paint and a smooth flow. The paintbrushes are red, sable, and genuine, and they are dependable. It is thick.


  • It is easy and comfortable to use

5. Golden maple – Budget Pick

Golden maple


  • These brushes have handles that are easy to grip
  • They are perfect for acrylic, watercolor, or oil
  • They have protective tubes that keep them in the right shape after use
  • They guarantee a hundred percent satisfaction
  • No splitting or shedding, and it’s long-lasting
  • The bristles are synthetic nylon with firm tips
  • Its body is rust-resistant, and the double crimp holds the ferrule steady to the handle
  • It has ten pieces set and the size of a nail art brush.

The paintbrushes are perfect for all kinds of detailing, and it is ideal for face painting, models, and painting miniatures.


  • Their handles make it easy to grip
  • They come with protective tubes that help in cleaning and ensuring they remain in their right shape


  • Some reviews claim their quality is low
  • Short bristles

Buying Guide

It informs you of what you need to know before making any decision. Best paintbrushes are hand-assembled with animal hairs. When you have the right brush for the job, everything goes easy, but it could turn your job into something impossible when you have got the wrong meeting. The components of a brush are bristles, crimp, handle, and ferrule. The handle is the part you hold, the ferrule has strands together, hairs are what keeps the paint, and you use it for painting, and the crimp is the area securing the ferrule to the handle.

There are different types of paint brushes, the pointed round, round, and flat brushes. Bristles can be natural or synthetic. The natural is soft and flexible, while the synthetic is stiff. Natural brushes are often more expensive compared to synthetic ones, but the experience is worth it. Natural can be Kolinsky Sable brush, and it uses Siberian Weasel hair. When purchasing miniature paintbrushes, it is necessary to consider price and quality. If you are a beginner, you start with the cheap ones, and there is the affordable intermediate and the experienced ones that are expensive.


Does Kolinsky get killed to make the brushes?

Yes. These pests destroy chicken populations; the Male Siberian weasels’ tail hairs make the brush bristles.

The brushes that you require for painting miniatures.

Natural hair brushes are the best, and there are two kinds, red sable, and kolinsky sable. Although both are standard and quality, the kolinsky sable is way higher than the red sable.

How to avoid brush strokes during model painting?

Wet sand the surface with a lot of clean water and ease cut straight through paint then back to plastic. After that, use clean water to wash the model and let it dry in natural light.

The best brushes for acrylic painting

The best shot is synthetic nylon because they are resilient.

What is the best type of brush to paint furniture?

A natural bristle would be best; the results are pleasing—beginner paintbrushes.

An acrylic paint brush set is the best recommendation, and the Mont Marte Gallery series has a kit with other items that you need in your painting experience.

Is it alright to use a similar brush for both acrylic and watercolors?

It is safe to use watercolors with acrylic brushes; however, take caution because one-time use can alter the watercolor brush.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the most common miniature painting brushes include the D’Artisan Shoppe. Efficiency, paint capacity, and precision are features that make a good brush for miniature painting. The pointed round is the best shape for the perfect painting. A sharp tip is the best. There are precautions to take; for instance, you should never leave yourself to brush without cleaning after painting. Dry paint is hard to wash off unless you use soap. Always keep your brush wet to prevent paint from drying on. It is also important to note that acrylic paints dry so fast.

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