5 Best Paint for Fabric in 2023

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When trying out different crafts, you may come across something fabric related you need to paint on. One of the most common questions among artists and crafters is what the best paint for fabric is. There are plenty of different ways to paint on fabric, but how do you know which is the best for your project?

Our Top Picks

This review will showcase different products, and point out the features that were considered in the ratings. A product was chosen in each of the categories of editor’s pick, best paint for t-shirts, best professional fabric paint, best for beginner, and budget pick.

All of these categories are important, as the type of fabric paint needed for your project will vary based on what needs to be done. You may need something more professional, using a specific type of fabric, or need to stay on the cheap side.

In this review, you will find in-detail reviews of the chosen products, and even a buying guide. A lot of time was spent researching and reviewing these products so you can get the best knowledge on the varieties of paint available for fabric.

1. NicPro 3D Fabric Puffy Paint – Editor’s Choice


  • Vibrant colors
  • ACMI Certified
  • Multiple texture usage
  • Puffy Texture

Our Editor’s Choice pick has plenty of features, the first of them being the vibrant colors that are contained in the set. The product is ACMI Certified, which holds the paint to strict quality standards for non-toxic paints. These paints go beyond fabric, and can also be used for various other projects such as wood, paper, glass, ceramic, and canvas. When squeezed out of the bottle, the paints have a puffy texture.

This set includes forty-two fabric paints, three brushes, four painting stencils, and one painting palette. You can squeeze the paint bottles directly onto the fabric to draw and paint. These paints can add strong color vibrancy to your project.


  • Puffy Paint Texture
  • Ability to Utilize Other Surfaces
  • Wide Color Selection
  • Relatively Cheap Price


  • One Claim of Missing Brushes
  • Not Much Information on Mixability

2. Mont Marte – Best Paint for t-Shirts


  • Easy to Use
  • Covers Wide Areas
  • Glossy Finish
  • High Mixability

The Best Paint for t-Shirts has got to be Mont Marte. The features for this product are pretty outstanding, with the first being how easily the paint glides onto various textures. The drying time is very fast and provides a glossy finish. If you need a different color than what is provided in the set, the paint allows for great mixability so you can get that perfect color. The pigments used are of a creamy consistency and easily allow covering large portions of your t-shirt or just highlighting fine details.

This set has been known to be great for both beginners and professionals. The set contains eight colors, but they are easily mixable to allow plenty more shades and tones than what is provided.


  • Vibrant Colors
  • Easy Mixability
  • Variety of Colors
  • Good for Beginners and Professionals
  • Easy to Use Containers


  • Paint Can Be a Little Thin

3. Individuall – Best Professional Fabric Paint


  • Variety of Styles
  • Long Lasting
  • Ability to Use on Different Textures
  • Variety of Colors

The features of our Best Professional Fabric Paint pick includes a set of twenty-four cans with a variety of styles such as metallic and glitter. These paints can last for a long time, making them perfect for professional artwork that you’ll want to look as good as the first day years later. They can be used on all types of backgrounds, including a full mural.

The Individuall fabric paint set is made in Germany, so the acrylic paints included in this set uphold strict German standards. This set is even advertised as the brand’s best selling paint with over one million customers!


  • High Pigmentation
  • Good Coverage when Painting
  • Waterproof


  • White Needs Several Coats
  • Colors Aren’t as Vibrant as Other Sets

4. FolkArt – Best for Beginner


  • Painted Fabric can be Machine Washed
  • Easy Cleanup while Still Wet
  • Dries Soft
  • Cheap Set for a Beginner

FolkArt has shown to be the best product for a beginner using fabric paint. The features of this set include that the fabric used can be machine washed, and if it is still wet, it can be easily cleaned up with soap and water. After drying, it is permanent, but also dries soft instead of stiff, so it is perfect for wearables. The value for this set is pretty good, so a beginner can purchase it without much worry.

This set contains eight colors, so a beginner can have a good range of shades to work with. The brand offers a quality selection of vibrant paints with a great value, so you don’t have to be afraid to try out painting on fabric.


  • Easy Mixability
  • Black Paint is a True Black
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Easy to use For Beginners


  • Permanent; Be Careful without Apron

5. Crafts 4 ALL – Budget Pick


  • Great Price for Color Selection
  • Shiny and Vivid Paints
  • Paintbrushes Included
  • Odorless

If you need a large selection and are on a budget, Crafts 4 ALL have you covered. You get twenty-four colors in this set, so you have a lot of different paints to work with on your project. The colors are shiny and vivid, so they can really make your project stand out. You also get three paintbrushes in the set, so there’s no need to worry about not having all of the materials to start right away. The paints are highly pigmented and are odorless.

Although these paints are made for fabric, they can also shine on other surfaces, so be sure to try out different projects if this is your pick. The paints can be used for 3D textures or just 2D acrylic style painting.


  • Strong Paint
  • No Cracking or Peeling after Drying
  • Long Lasting


  • Slightly Watery
  • Slightly Dry Upon Shipment Conditions

Buying Guide and FAQ

If you’re having trouble picking the best paint for you, or your project needs don’t fit into just one category, hopefully this buying guide can help you decide on what to purchase.

Color Range is Most Important
If you need a wide range of colors, it can be cheaper to buy less paint with more mixable pigments. The best for this approach of our five paints would be Mont Marte.

Texture and Details are Most Important

If you don’t want your paint to feel flat, you can add texture with NicPro 3D’s fabric puffy paint, which can add depth to your fabric project.

Professional Work and Large Paintings

Individuall paints have been used for mural style work, so if you need something that stands out above the others, it’s probably best to choose that set.

On a Budget with Money and Time

If you are on a budget, but still need a lot of paint, of course Crafts 4 ALL is best, and the variety of colors makes it quicker to use as you more than likely will not have to mix them.

Beginner on a Budget

If you’re too scared to spend a lot of money on professional level paints, being just a beginner, then FolkArt would be best, as it dries quick but can be cleaned up easily if a mistake is made.

Q. What if I'm on a budget and still need professional level paint?

A. All the brands listed in this review are still great for a variety of projects, and all fall under the $30 range. Mont Marte is under $10 and is extremely mixable, so you could start with that if you are okay with putting in the effort to mix colors.

Q. What if I'm buying the set for children?

A. Children have been known to use all of the sets listed, however the easiest cleanup and quickest drying would have to be the FolkArt set.

Types of Fabric Paint

There are different varieties of fabric paint, and each type may benefit your project needs in a different way. The most common would have to be fabric markers and liquid paints, but there are a few other options as well.

Fabric Markers

Markers are perfect for details and lines and make much less of a mess. However, they usually can only show up well on white fabric.

Liquid Paints

Liquid paints can be messier, but can cover a large area better and show up well on practically any color of fabric. You can still use liquid paints with a small paintbrush for fine details as well.

Fabric Spray Paint

If you have stencils to use, then fabric spray paint is highly recommended, as it takes a lot of time out of making your project and will cover large areas flawlessly.

Puffy Fabric Paint

Puffy fabric paint adds dimension to your project, so it’s best to use for things that you want to have standing out. They are often used for outlines as well, as the bottles usually have a narrow applicator.

Fabric Dyes

The last type of fabric paint are dyes. Dyes will soak into the fabric to change the color, rather than just sit on top of the fabric. They are typically used to color the entire piece of fabric or for tie-dye designs, and don’t work as well on colored fabric or for fine design details.

Forms of Fabric Paint and Application

Fabric paint will typically work on any cloth, though, depending on the type of paint being used, you may have to stick to white or other light colored fabrics.

If you are using liquid paints, you may be able to finish your project with any color of fabric, though be careful of extremely dark colors. If only using puffy paint, this may be more acceptable, as the paint will stand out from the fabric better, making the design more visible.

If the paint you are using is known to be a little thin, be sure to stick to light colored fabrics to ensure that your design will stand out. If you want to color the entire white fabric, dyes will work very well.

Parameters to Evaluate Fabric Paint

There are plenty of factors that you can personally judge based on the needs and design of your project, but there are still some parameters to remember, generally speaking.

Although thin paints can work well for some projects, you may want to stick with something that is thicker if you want your design to stand out and be vibrant.

Mixability is also an important trait, as there will most likely not be one set that has every exact color you need. This will allow you the option to get the perfect shade for your needs without having to break the bank buying several different sets.

Most projects you create will warrant using strong colors with a good pigmentation and vibrancy, so stronger paints will probably be more to your liking.

The lasting time for the paints is also extremely important, as you don’t want the project to be peeling before even getting the chance to wear it.


Our top three choices as the best paint for fabric would be the NicPro 3D fabric puffy paint, Mont Marte fabric paint, and Individuall brand. These fit into the best categories and have the strongest evaluations.

All have been described as having vibrant colors, and two of them are known for great mixability. Even if you are on a budget, although these were not our budget pick, they are not too expensive and will be sure to meet your project needs no matter what you are working on.

We love brands that have colors that stand out, and quality paint that allows for mixing the exact shade or tint that we desire. All of the paints we’ve reviewed are amazing; however, our top three will stand as NicPro, Mont Marte, and Individuall. Whether you are a beginner, a professional, or on a budget, you can feel safe that these brands will make your project shine.

We hope that this review and buying guide has helped you in choosing the perfect set for your project, and help you create something awesome that will last for years.

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