How to Remove Glue from a Hot Glue Gun

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Hot glue guns tend to be used in craft because glue cools at a speedy rate. This swift procedure makes the arts readily available for the purposed use. The glue does not cause to much mess either do it leave sticky substance on the surface, but the big problem is only that the glue can get stuck on the nozzle of the gun. If this happens, below we discuss how to remove glue from a hot glue gun;

Tools needed:

  1. Some glue sticks.
  2. Paper towels.
  3. A small metal bar/rod.


  1. Switch the glue gun on and wait for some time for it to be hot.
  2. Insert the glue stick into the glue gun and pull the trigger. You can then take the other glue stick and use it to push the other old stick outwards. Be cautious to avoid driving it too far.
  3. Use a metal bar to scrap the nozzle, if the glue is a bit old and has low viscosity. This also helps in taking out the residue glue that is hard to push from the behind.
  4. You can now wipe and clean off the nozzle by using the paper towel.

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